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In seven rural communities outside Tema, Ghana, there are no healthcare facilities or providers. When medical care is needed, it is simply not accessible. For dire emergencies, community members must travel long distances by foot or boat to the nearest health facility, located many miles away – that is, if they can afford the trip. Simply put, healthcare is effectively absent in these remote villages; and yet, medical and public health issues are ever-present as community members struggle to survive and thrive in these low-resource settings.

HOCAP, in partnership with SHGO, understands that communities need caring – specifically for their most vulnerable populations of women and children. To provide essential health services, a clinical scheme has been devised to provide mobile healthcare within each community several times a year in order to address health issues, treat patients, and educate on community public health. As clinicians traverse through seven partner communities, the trends which arise across villages further informs the health interventions most in need in these areas. YOU can support mobile care and outreach for the patients who require health attention most, and encourage clinicians to address overall community health needs, by funding ‘Mobile Clinic Outreach’ in Ghana.

Partner Organization: HOCAP

Country(s): Ghana

Number Impacted: 7 Communities

Cost: 1) One Rural Community: $3,000
2) All Seven Rural Communities: $21,000

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