Fight Maternal Mortality Rates

All over the world, women risk their lives in childbirth. All over the world, children don’t survive to reach age 5. The sad truth is: most maternal and infant deaths and other pregnancy complications are preventable. However, myriad barriers to accessing primary, preventative, and skilled birthing healthcare exist in low resource settings – from lack of access due to seasonal challenges and lack of transportation infrastructure, to inability to pay even nominal medical bills, or various socio-cultural barriers.

Geography should not be a determine of life and death; all mothers, children, and families deserve a fighting chance.

The struggle for survival that women and children face in low-resource areas can be addressed in partnership with SHGO and local organizations through providing a basic training to equip community midwives and health promoters with the lifesaving skills and referral networks necessary to truly save lives. Midwifery and health outreach trainings can take place in churches, community meeting spaces, schools, or clinics – but must involve working with respected community members and skilled trainers, and infusing care with indigenous knowledge to supplement basic medical and public health skills. As community health promoters and midwives disseminate their knowledge throughout the community and provide essential clinical care, they become the informal trainers in educating their entire community with each mother and child’s lives that are touched. 

Partner Organization: All SHGO partners worldwide

Country(s): Bangladesh, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and others

Number Impacted: Countless!

Cost: $2,500

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