Corporate Social Responsibility

“Businesses that recognize the importance of social responsibility often have employees who tend to be more satisfied with their jobs, adopt similar values, and become more committed to achieving success within the industry.” – Nick Starritt, Managing Director of Sirota Survey Intelligence.

With Seven Hills Global Outreach, your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) development is streamlined for corporate efficacy, financial success, and global impact through transparent advising, consulting, and implementation in partnership with SHGO. From identifying worthy global causes and completing due diligence, to facilitating and promoting your company’s personalized CSR scheme, SHGO collaborates with companies to facilitate a triple-bottom line: payoff for your planet, people, and profit.

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is truly “the business contribution to sustainable development.” CSR hinges on the notion of businesses and corporations working to “achieve the integration of economic, environmental, and social imperatives.” (Strategis, 2003). CSR can also take the form(s) of:

  • A corporate investment – financial or otherwise - to support global social, environmental, and economic needs outside the company’s business goals.
  • An organizational culture of ‘giving back,’ with policies to encourage socially responsible values for employees.
  • An internal CSR strategy to empower employees, paired with an external CSR strategy to address challenges in the global community.
  • Volunteering, donating, engaging in hand-on experiences, and taking action – locally and internationally.
  • Contact SHGO to set up a consultation for your company, and to learn more.

How will my company benefit from CSR?

Promoting CSR at your company not only augments your bottom line, but gives way to a ‘triple-bottom line’—benefitting your planet, people, and profit.  In today’s challenging times, “social investments and giving back to communities is the right thing to do-“ notes Kathy Mulvany, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs at Cicso Systems—“And, it’s also very good for business.” In leveraging CSR, SHGO guides your company through the process of creating ‘shared value’ to serve your business and financial goals, while addressing social, environmental, and economic challenges in our increasingly-connected and globalized world.

  • “83% of people will trust a company more if it is socially/environmentally responsible.”—USA Today
  • “69% of people consider a company’s social and environmental commitment when deciding where to shop.”—USA Today
  • “50% of young professionals would turn away from an employer that lacked good CSR policies.”—
  • “Investors consider more ‘socially responsible’ companies to be more secure investments. 86% of institutional investors believe that CSR will have a positive effect on business.”—


What support can SHGO offer?

SHGO supports companies with CSR development by:

  • Developing a strategic plan and infrastructure to accomplish your CSR goals; Identifying a local or international cause through SHGO and its partner organizations that matches your CSR goals; Managing financial and in-kind contributions.
  • Completing due diligence and feasibility processes with reputable local and international partners; Providing documentation on your company’s spend and impact; Developing evaluations and updates to share your philanthropic impact with stakeholders and employees.
  • Collaborating with local partners to sustainably implement CSR initiatives on-the-ground; Liaising between your company and your CSR cause; Providing accountability to guarantee your investment efficient, effective, and mutually-beneficial.
  • Collaborating with your company to develop and advance marketing and promotional materials; Facilitating in-kind and community support; Managing social media outlets; Implementing multimedia and web presences; Creating and disseminating educational tools; Outreaching to your staff and target population(s).
  • Planning local and international travel for your company to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the lived outcomes of your CSR support; Developing a culture of volunteerism and community opportunity for employees; Facilitating hands-on experiences to fuel your CSR strategy.
  • …And MORE.

Contact SHGO to discuss your company’s unique CSR needs and goals.

Some Examples

Consigli Construction Co., Inc. of Milford, MA collaborated with SHGO to develop company-wide CSR while supporting the full building of a rural clinic, primary school, nutrition and feeding center, and water well to save thousands of lives in SHGO’s partner nation of Sierra Leone. At the end of construction, founder Anthony Consigli and staff traveled to Africa with SHGO staff to see their contribution in action!

CSR support through SHGO has funded emergency ambulance transportation in Sierra Leone, soccer equipment and youth recreation in Guatemala, a 40-foot shipping container of medical supplies to West Africa, and more!

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